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Today on the blog, I have a very special interview to share with you! There is not many things I love more than seeing women kicking ass in business. One thing I do love more than that though? Chocolate, and basically all desserts. So the fact that Sam Anderson, owner of geek-themed dessert company Cake’s Cove, has both of these things is EXACTLY why I wanted to interview her on the blog. Cakes Cove was founded by Sam in 2013, launching at Fan Expo. She now owns a storefront in Toronto, as well as ships to the U.S and Canada. If you want to hear more about Sam and Cakes Cove, keep reading! Try not to drool when  you see the photos of her work, I dare you.


What was one of the biggest roadblocks you faced when starting a new business?


I stopped by your table at Toronto ComiCon and was overwhelmed by all delicious looking desserts. What is your favorite thing you have ever made?

Flavour wise, what I reach for always changes depending on my mood, but fairly consistently I reach for the Earl Grey with vanilla cake, and the Earl Grey truffles. If I had to choose a favourite I suppose those would be it!


You also do so many amazing, detailed cake creations. What is the most fun cake you have ever made for a client?

This isn’t one specific project, but I love meticulously creating a beautiful, unique traditional white wedding cake. With all the bells and whistles that the client desires, like whites, pearls, lace, textures – just the most perfect, stunning and pure thing someone can create…. and splashing blood all over it. Maybe because zombies attacked, or just because – but there is something very special about the contrast between a pure traditional elegance, and something completely horrifying that is just really really fun.


On a less morbid side, I also very much enjoy the creations that make people say “What!!! That’s impossible!” I say – never tell me the odds… and create it anyways. Like the life-sized R2-D2, the life-sized BB8, and the wearable suit of chocolate N7 Armour from Mass Effect.



What advice would you give to young geek girls out there looking to grow their business?

Don’t. Quit.  There will be times where you’ll want to. But you started this for a reason, and if those reasons are still valid, Don’t Quit!! – But definitely learn when you need to take a break or you’ll burn out. And surround yourself with people that say things like “Whatever you decide I have your back.”  –  “You’re the boss Boss! How can I help?”  – and “You can do it. You’re amazing.” Spend less time with people who are only ever negative, Don’t necessarily cut them out, but spend less time with them, or suggest other topics of conversation.

I saw your Cap vs Stark sandwich board photo, and you clearly are partial to Captain America! Will you be doing any fun themed desserts for the release of Civil War?

I try to do something fun for everything – the Pokemon anniversary that just passed brought chocolate poke balls with different Pokemon in each one, and for Civil War there is a contest in the shop for how many cupcakes we sell of each one. Unfortunately at the moment Iron Man is winning. #TeamCap!!! And there are always boxes of chocolates themed for Iron Man and Captain America.


Your business has grown so much in the few years, between the online store and an actual storefront in Toronto! How do you hope to grow Cakes Cove even more in the future?

First step is hiring some minions of darkness to help me in the kitchen so Cakes Cove can accept more orders every week – as it is now, I create a LOT of cakes, cupcakes and chocolates but it’s never enough and I have to turn down orders every weekend as sad as that makes me. Last weekend I was so fully booked I had to turn down a cake for Star Wars… STAR WARS!!!!’

722470eaf34a1822fc8d823711f31608_large_db986205-76c8-4ea1-9892-539e4533af70_grande (1).jpg

Second step is to start some fun kids and adult classes at the shop!!! I’m hoping to have these available starting this fall, and will announce them on the websiteFacebook, and Twitter when the time comes!!

Last question. What are your biggest fandoms? What do you fangirl over the hardest?


I fangirl over pretty much everything – and I really love when someone comes in with a cake request from something I haven’t heard of yet as it means new things to fangirl over. I don’t have as much time anymore for now, but when I did I played board games, video games, read comic books, novels, watched a few anime, – really – anything that was out there that expanded my worlds and imagination. But my favourites have to be Star Wars, Mass Effect and Sandman, with a few Zombies thrown in for good measure.


Okay guys, how cool is Cakes Cove? I can’t wait to stop by next time I am in Toronto. Huge thanks to Sam for doing this interview, and I strongly encourage all of you to go check out the Cakes Cove website. May the fourth is coming up, and she has some killer Star Wars stuff you could buy for a party, or maybe a movie marathon? Or maybe just for you to sit and eat all of it? Hey, I’m not judging, I would too.

Hope this post didn’t make you too hungry. See you next time!

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