Happy Monday, lovelies.

Welcome to another week of Local Ladies, a series featuring the amazing women in our community. This week is all about the power of vulnerability, especially as a business owner. Asking for help is hard, and so is letting people know you are vulnerable. Four local women share their experiences with vulnerability in this week’s video.

Keep reading to see the full video, and subscribe for more Local Ladies videos all month!

LocalLadies (1).png

Featured in this week’s video; Ami Dehne (Owner of Minga Skill Building Hub), Julia Busato (Owner of Julia Busato Photography), Lynn Broughton (Owner of Taste deTours), and Hayley Kellett (Co-Owner of The Making Box).

How do you think vulnerability plays a role in being an entrepreneur? Let me know in a comment below, or tweet at me using the #LocalLadies hashtag! And don’t forget to give a shout out to an amazing local lady YOU know using the hashtag as well. This series is for everyone, so let’s spread a little girl power. 

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