Hi lovelies. Today in the Local Ladies series, I have an interview with the lovely Stephanie Lyell to share with you. Stephanie is the community manager over at Girls on Games. She is a total nerd girl treasure, so keep reading to learn more!

Stephanie (on right) and I at Toronto ComiCon.

K: Have you ever struggled with having people deny your geeky personality because you are feminine? Or been told by someone you only “like certain things for attention”?

S: I think people need to remember to not “judge a book by it’s cover” – I’ve never been told I like certain geeky things for attention, however I have had many people shocked and confused when I tell them I play video games which is honestly just as offensive. For many years I have been a fashion blogger/instagrammer and although I do like to rock my Marvel t-shirts and other geeky apparel, a lot of the times I’m pretty dressed up, and wearing ‘girly’ dresses. When someone asks me if I have any big plans for the weekend and I reply “Probably grinding some COD” – or – “I’m going to check out the new Warcraft movie” the look of confusion sets, and I get the comments like: “Wow, you don’t look like you’d be into that sort of thing” or “YOU play video games?”

K: How did you get into blogging? What is your favourite part of creating online content?

S: Back in 2013 I went to Digitour with one of my friends from college. I loved the show, it was filled with so much energy and everyone was there for these teenagers who just made videos on the internet. I wanted to go home right away and make a youtube channel but I was pretty shy, so decided to try blogging instead. I’m not going to lie, I felt like a bit of a keyboard warrior when I started blogging. I was getting so much feedback about my style, and my instagram account and started seeing a fast incline in followers and readers. I make online content for fun. It’s a hobby that I love and I try not to take it too seriously. My favourite part is just creating something that I love. I loved photography all through high school/college, and Instagram was kind of an outlet to show some of my talents. I’m not saying I’m a pro photographer or anything, but I think I have an eye for a good photo!

Stephanie (right) at TwitchCon.

K: You’re a huge movie fan, that’s one of the greatest things we have in common. Can you pick out one movie that had an impact on your life? And a female character that you saw as sort of a role model?

S: I feel like I’m going to be cheating here a bit, but after reading this question my mind instantly went to a youtube documentary done by iiSuperwomanii called “A Trip to Unicorn Island” – Her as a youtuber has been a huge inspiration to me, but after seeing her Documentary/Movie I was so inspired and hooked. She has this drive that a lot of people lack. She works day and night to fulfill her dreams, and she makes you believe that dreams really do come true. After seeing that documentary I jumped off my couch so quickly I nearly sprained an ankle. I’ve been hustling ever since. So I don’t look like much of a cheater though I am going to say another female character I saw as a role model was Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I was always the ‘weird girl’ in school – I wore tutu’s with bright pink converse in highschool, I wore my belts sideways or backwards, I always doing something weird, and not ‘on trend’ – After watching Luna Lovegoods role in Harry Potter it made me feel like being weird is okay, and not to care what everyone else thinks.

K: What steps do you think we still have to take to create equality for women in the gaming (and general geek) community?

S: I think we area already on the right steps to creating equality. You see girl gamer groups popping up everywhere, and females are slowly becoming more visible in the Esports world. For a very long time this community was very male dominated, but as the generations go by you start to see more and more females become popular in the scene. E3 was last week and there were many female dominated games, we’re starting to become the generation where you don’t even think about equality for women in gaming, because that time is soon coming. *Side Note* There are always going to be those jerks out there that think girls shouldn’t be playing video games/judging women for playing [first question for example] however for the public majority I feel like everyone is becoming pretty equal.

K: In this series, I’m talking to everyone about self-care and taking time for themselves. Besides going to the movies by yourself (which is like the best thing ever), what self-care habits or rituals do you have?

S: I am a HUGE fan of going to the movies by myself. In fact I do a lot of things by myself, to the point where I need to remind myself to be social Ha-Ha. When theres a weekend with no good movies out I tend to have a little spa night at home. I’ll light some candles, have a bubble bath, play some nice music and then usually play a relaxing video game geared towards a younger audience for example: Ratchet & Clank. This is the perfect way to wind down and just enjoy being alone. These games also have fairly long cut scenes so it’s just like watching a movie!

Isn’t she awesome? Thank you so much to Stephanie for being a part of this Local Ladies series. Be sure to go check out Girls on Games for more great content!

And don’t forget to give a shout out to an amazing local lady YOU know using the hashtag as well. This series is for everyone, so let’s spread a little girl power. 

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