Hello, everyone!

In 2016, when I started Local Ladies, one of the first people I interviewed was Erin Bagwell, the director of Dream, Girl. Her film was one of my largest inspiration for the Local Ladies series and it was released online for the whole world to see on May 9th. The film is an excellent representation of what it means to be a female entrepreneur and Erin captures the stories of these women so beautifully.

KG: So, first of all, I just want to know what the Dream, Girl ambassador high school and college program is?

EB: So, basically, you know with the launch of the film coming up I really wanted to make sure that it gets into the hands of high school and college students, who I made the film for. So, it’s a group of students who love Dream, Girl and just want to help me spread the word and make sure they are telling their friends and family about it. It’s just a way for us to basically reach our audience and it’s also really fun for me too because it adds a little celebratory layer to have this group of, you know, 16 students who are just really hyped and excited about what we’re doing.


KG: That’s awesome! And why did you decide to release the film publicly now?

EB: Well, we’ve done the community screenings for two years and those have been such awesome places for people to go and watch the film and have conversations afterwards, but I really feel like it’s time for people to just get greater access to it. I know that sometimes it’s been hard for our audience to find screenings specifically in their areas and if it does come to their town, it might only be available for one night so I just wanted to make it more publicly accessible.

KG: Yeah, for sure! Well, now that this is out, what’s next for Dream, Girl and for you?

EB: Yeah! We’re excited to continue to promote and spread the word, and part of releasing it also allows me the time and space to take on new creative projects. So, I have a couple of things in mind, I’m really excited about producing and directing again. I’m in the process of figuring out that next step, and if people are interested in following along with my journey, they can either follow me on Instagram or they can sign up for our newsletter at www.dreamgirlfilm.com.


KG: For those seeing the film for the first time on May 9th, what do you hope they take away from it?

EB: I think just to know that they’re not alone, you know? I feel like when we’re on our paths and when we’re on our journeys, sometimes our dreams can freak us out or scare us or feel really big and we have to kind of shoulder that burden alone. I made the movie so that women could feel really seen and that they also felt really connected and whenever I’m feeling really scared or really self-sabotage-y, I think about Clara and Joanne and Mariama, and I feel them with me and I want people to know that they can take this tribe of women wherever they go with whatever they’re doing.

Huge thank you to Erin Bagwell for taking the time to talk to me about Dream, Girl. To watch the film, you can click here. If you enjoyed this interview, please share it with your girl gang!

P.S, The Apollo Cinema in downtown Kitchener is screening Dream, Girl on May 31st in collaboration with True North. Will I see you there?

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