You know that your city is filled with incredible female entrepreneurs and creatives, but do you know their story? Does the average, everyday shopper know the story behind the small business she is giving her money to? How can we bring more attention to the female changemakers in the community? Local Ladies is a video series featuring interviews and stories from women in your city.

What is Local Ladies?

The Local Ladies series covers topics such as; turning ideas into reality, the power of vulnerability, women supporting women, and self-care. The series aims to shine light on the triumphs and struggles of entrepreneurship, especially the parts of it that are not usually talked about.

Katie Green is the creator of Local Ladies and does all the filming/editing/posting for the series. She is a freelance videographer/journalist, as well as a self-proclaimed coffee addict and movie enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter: @katiealayagreen

Want to get involved with Local Ladies?

We are always looking for suggestions on who to interview and helping hands for events. If you would like to get involved with Local Ladies, shoot us an email at Looking forward to hearing from you!